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Yeshiva Kol Yaakov 


Donations of previously used furniture and other items are instrumental in the support of our day to day activities. Items in reusable condition are sold and the proceeds are used to fund our program.

 Items not accepted include but not limited to: broken or badly worn furniture, bed springs, venetian blinds, plumbing or lighting fixtures, items in poor condition or in need of repair, beauty or barbershop equipment, large office machines, medical equipment, medicine cabinets, sinks, bathroom fixtures, gas appliances, box springs without mattresses, wall-to-wall carpeting, carpet padding material, foam rubber mattresses, metal beds or desks, food containers, pots, pans, items with rips, tears, stains, holes, water beds, swing sets, platform beds, etc?

We do not guarantee the pick-up of items until our movers will come and see the furniture.

Very often donors believe that their furniture is marketable but unfortunately there are many different kind of items that can not be used. We reserve the right to accept or reject items.

Our drivers and office staff will make these decisions.   

Please understand that in order to run our furniture donation program the value of the donated items has to be sufficient enough to cover moving expenses.

Due to increased gas prices and other moving expenses we are able to accept furniture and other household items only if after they are sold there is enough proceeds to fund our program after all expenses are covered.

There is no fee for pick-up of donated merchandise, however if you have items which we cannot use or value of the merchandise is not sufficient enough to cover moving expences and you would like those items to be removed you may discuss with operator when you call or with  the movers if they can provide fee based furniture removal service.

Movers must have donor's phone number in order to confirm pickup time.

For your convenience we are open on Sundays !

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