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Phone    718 551 2200
Toll Free 800 707 8909
E-mail: (please include your phone #donatemyfurniture@yahoo.com

About Us
Yeshiva Kol Yaakov a.k.a. IJH is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Your generous contributions and donations 
enable us to reach and teach young jewish adults-students, professionals and families who are seeking a greater 
understanding of The Torah, their jewish roots and traditions. 
Donations of used furniture and other items are instrumental in the support of our day to day activities. Items in 
reusable condition are sold and the proceeds are used to fund our program. Whether you're moving, cleaning 
out your home or wanting to donate your used goods, we will do our best to make your furniture donation 
process as easy and convenient as possible!
*Please understand that in order to maintain a serviceable furniture donation program the value of the donated 
items has to be sufficient enough to cover moving expenses. Due to increased gas prices and additional moving 
expenses we are able to accept furniture and household items only if after they are sold there is enough 
proceeds to fund our program after all expenses are covered
How It Works
Thank you for your interest in donating to Yeshiva Kolyakov! We are happy to offer same day furniture donation 
pick services (in most areas). 
There are two ways to schedule a furniture donation pickup: 
1. We suggest that donors email pictures of the intended donation items. Our email address 
is donatemyfurniture@yahoo.com. Please include your phone number and the best time to reach you so 
movers can contact you and arrange furniture donation pick up arrangements. 
2. Give us a call at 800 507 GIVE (4483) and discuss your furniture donation needs with one of our helpful 
Please be advised that we use third party companies to help us with furniture pick up. Please kindly email us 
about your experience after pick-ups so we can make sure they provide the highest level of service.
*Please note there is no fee for pick-up of donated merchandise, however if you have items which we cannot 
use or the value of the donation merchandise is not sufficient enough to cover the moving expenses, we are 
happy to arrange a small fee based furniture removal service that meets your needs.
Unacceptable Items
While we appreciate every in kind donation offer, there may be times when we decline certain items due to lack 
of resale value or general wear and tear. Please review the items we don't pick to ensure your donation meets 
our requirements:
• Broken or badly worn furniture, 
• Bed springs
• Venetian blinds
• Plumbing or lighting fixtures, 
• Items in poor condition or in need of repair
• Beauty/ barbershop equipment
• Large office machines
• Medical equipment
• Medicine cabinets
• Sinks
• Bathroom fixtures
• Gas appliances
• Box springs without mattresses
• Wall-to-wall carpeting 
• Carpet padding material
• Foam rubber mattresses
• Metal beds or desks
• Food containers
• Pots/ Pans
• Items with rips/ tears/ stains/ holes
• Water beds
• Swing sets 
• Platform beds

Locations We Service
Staten Island
Nassau County
Suffolk County
Westchester County
Dutchess County
Putnam County

Contact Us
General Questions
(800) 507- 4483
Central & Northern New Jersey
(732) 963 2272
South Jersey
(856) 720 0330
New York City
(718) 551 2200
Email: DonateMyFurniture@Yahoo.com

*Please note we are open on Sundays

How does my Tax Break work
In short, the IRS allows you, the donor, to assess the fair market value of your donation. All individual tax 
situations are different, please check with your tax professional to determine how you may benefit. We can refer 
you to an IRS Publication which explains how the IRS requires you to determine the value of your donated 
property. You may review this publication on the IRS Website as a reference: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/
If your donation is worth more than $5,000 you will need an appraisal and a signed 8283 tax form for your tax 
purposes. Please check with your tax professional to determine how to arrange to have your gift valued by an 
independent appraiser and provide you with all the necessary documentation to properly claim your tax 
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